About Us

About Us

We’re parents, we’re educators, we’re volunteers, we’re friends. We’re a group of people that care about helping schools and youth organizations operate their programs more easily.

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Jono Landon

Founder, CEO, FOT (Father Of Two)

After managing a number of large-scale apps in the social networking, media and education sectors, Jono has decided to turn his focus towards removing hassles from the lives of parents and educators.


Uzo Olisemeka


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Pat Kenefick

Director of Customer Success

With years of experience in both managing communications at Montessori schools, and supporting software customers, Pat is, in a word, awesome.

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Kyla Landon

Writer, RECE, MOT (Mother Of Two)

Kyla is a registered early childhood educator with a bachelors degree in early childhood studies from Ryerson University. When she isn’t running after children she writes very useful articles for the Hubbli blog.