About Us

About Us

We’re parents, we’re educators, we’re volunteers, we’re friends. We’re a group of people that care about helping schools and youth organizations operate their programs more easily.

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Jono Landon

Founder, Dragon Slayer, Father

After managing a number of large scale apps in the social networking, media and education sectors, Jono has decided to turn his focus towards removing hassles from the lives of parents and educators.

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Kyla Landon

Writer, Dragon Cooker, Mom, RECE

Kyla is a registered early childhood educator with a bachelors degree in early childhood studies from Ryerson University. When she isn’t running after children she writes very useful articles for the Hubbli blog.

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Naomi Moscoe

Product Specialist, Mom, Volunteer

Naomi has an incredible knack for translating techno-jargon into terms that anyone can understand and her 15 years working with admins, teachers & parents give her a unique understanding of school dynamics and communication challenges.


Jacqueline Chaiton

Customer Magic Maker

While being a mere muggle-born, Jacqueline performs magic every day while handling all kinds of customer support requests.


Zack Tencer

Customer Success Hero

One of Zack’s super powers is his ability to always be the first one to the office so he can make sure our customers are feeling well taken care of.


Lelian Girard

VP, Corporate Development

After graduating with an MBA from the University of Toronto, Lelian initially worked in investment banking. Now he is using his finance background to help steer the Hubbli ship.