6 Methods for Increasing Private School Enrollment

6 Methods for Increasing Private School Enrollment

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One of the biggest differences between public school and private school is compulsory attendance. Students are required to go to school, but they are not required to attend a private school. This means educators and administrators who work in the private school sector need to have a constant eye out for new students and families to bring into their school community.

It’s also no secret that the ways we communicate are different today than they were twenty and even ten years ago. While there are many new ways to get peoples’ attention, there is also much more noise and it can be hard to get through to the people you are trying to reach. What are the best ways to find and connect with potential new families that might be interested in your school?

On today’s episode you’ll hear:

How to set goals for this process

The six methods you can use to increase enrollment

The importance of hosting an open house

What you can do on social media

How to use pay-per-click ads

How to develop a healthy mindset for this process

If you’re looking for some solid tactics to boost enrollment at your school, then this is one episode you won’t want to miss.



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