Done For Your Enrollment Marketing Service

Increase Your Enrollment and Retention Rates

Now you can enroll the “best-fit” families with a fraction of the time and marketing expense, with a done-for-you enrollment marketing service (Pilot Program.)

We are only accepting the first 10 schools into this program, so it will fill up fast.

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Montessori Leaders Should Not Have To Manage Marketing

Your school needs to enroll families that appreciate the Montessori method, so that they value what sets you apart from other schools, and keep their children enrolled at your school for the entire scope of your program, and love it the entire time!

But you’ve been running your school long enough to know that the amount of marketing communication required to fill your school with only the ‘best-fit’ families is unsustainably time consuming.

You don’t have the time to become a marketing guru and run your school at the same time. As the leader of your school, managing the marketing process has the lowest return-on-investment: it prevents you from investing your most crucial resources (your time and energy) in program enrichment and parent engagement.

An Efficient & Effective Solution

The whole point of enrollment marketing is to generate inquiries of ideal prospective families for your school. That requires making sure that enough parents are learning about your school, and that enough of those parents enter into your enrollment process.

Then, after they inquire about your school, you need an efficient system that educates these prospective parents about what makes your school distinct and drives them toward the school for a face-to-face meeting.

What’s more, is that this system should also help the parents who don’t align with your school’s values, to remove themselves from the enrollment process.

And what about the parents that never get past the inquiry stage? An efficient enrollment marketing system would continue to engage these parents, and turn a portion of them into enrollments at a later date.

But how can any of this happen when, as School leader, you have so many hats to wear and hardly enough time? How do you engage all of these parents, at the different stages of the process when you need to complete or oversee a million tasks every single day?

You don’t because we do.

Free Yourself to Do More of What You Love

When you work with Hubbli, you don’t just invest in a high-quality enrollment marketing service that represents your school in the best way and attracts your most ideal families. You also get your time back and become free again to invest it into higher value tasks, like being in the classroom and engaging parents face-to-face.

You didn’t decide to run a Montessori school to spend time learning how to manage Facebook ads or perform Search Engine Optimization on your website. It’s time you got back to focusing your invaluable time and energy on what matters the most, and what you do best: educating students and parents.

A Proven System

Hubbli began with a simple mission: To help school leaders reduce their communication workload so they can focus more on doing what they love.

Our proven system, streamlined process, and expert team have you covered every step of the way. From Facebook Ads to creating search engine optimized Landing Pages, digital enrollment forms, automated emails, staff task alerts, and status reports. All tailored to your school.

We’ve spent years refining end-to-end enrollment systems for our customers, and now we’re adding an enrollment marketing service on top of it, so you don’t have to. In other words: Hubbli has your enrollment marketing and admissions process covered. Day in, day out. Custom and on-demand.

How It Works

  • We create 4 Facebook ads, and test them against each other, and then optimize them to discover which ads produce the most traffic of interested prospective families.
  • We create 4 Landing Pages on your Hubbli site, and also track performance of each one to determine which Landing Page produces not just the highest number of inquiries for enrollment, but inquiries from the most ideal families that best fit your school.
  • We also perform Search Engine Optimization for the 4 Hubbli Landing Pages to ensure that you are found by parents searching online for a school like yours.
  • We create a completely automated enrollment process using Hubbli site’s Digital Forms, customized for you, based off your current forms and processes.Hubbli will send pre-written automated emails to parents based off what stage they are at in the admissions process, guiding them to the next step.
  • Hubbli will guide parents through the process with automated emails that lead them to book meetings and tours with our Online Appointment Scheduling feature. This feature also includes automated appointment reminders and a schedule page for any staff that need to attend the appointments.
  • Hubbli will send notifications and task reminders to your staff, so they never forget to take action when they need to, at all points along the admissions process.Your Hubbli site will have a reports dashboard so you always know how well your admission process is working, and at what stage each prospective parent is in the process.
  • And, if you opt-in to use the Hubbli Tuition Management system, we will automatically create accounts for any families that have completed the enrollment process, and send them invoices they can pay online, or print for offline payments.
  • We will also set a weekly one-to-one 30 minutes status check in, to report on performance, and answer any questions.

We are only accepting the first 10 schools into this program, so it will fill up fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Get Set Up?

Once you decide to use the service, we will create your Hubbli site instantly, and we will launch the Facebook Ad campaign the same day. Meaning, you can start to get initial inquiries within 24 hours.

We also need to spend one to two hours with you to ensure that the messaging on the Landing Pages and Automated Parent Emails is correct and represents your school properly.

The Search Engine Optimization service takes a week to complete, and performance does vary depending on many variables (e.g. how long the site has been live, your local region, competition, how many searches are being performed by parents in your area)

What Do You Need From Me?

Participate actively and commit to the implementation process.

  • Send us any current marketing materials so we can apply your branding where necessary.
  • Spend 1-2 hours with us in a web-based meeting, to customize your digital enrollment process for your school.
  • Update the text in the automated emails that will go to your prospective parents and staff, to ensure it represents your school’s messaging and brand appropriately.

Meet due dates for data sharing as determined by you and your Onboarding rep.

  • Existing forms you use for your enrollment process.
  • Database and current invoices (if you are using the Hubbli Tuition Invoicing System)

Does Hubbli also work for re-enrollment?

You bet, the Hubbli Digital Forms feature can be used to manage your re-enrollment process as well.

How does Hubbli help with retention?

As you know, one of the most painful and time-consuming problems that Montessori school leaders face is parents that don’t agree with how you run the school. Not only do these families tend to cause a lot of stress, and leave early, they usually take a few families with them.

This problem is why we are so focused on offering an efficient and effective marketing system that makes it easy to enroll the ‘best-fit’ families. This way, you never again will have your back up against the wall, admitting anyone you can or wondering what staff you will have to let go.

How much does this service cost?

Since this is a Pilot Program, the price is still up in the air. What we can tell you is, our plan is to base the price off your budget. And no matter what, it will be a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional marketing agency.

So book a consultation, and let’s work this out.