Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Hubbli been around and how can I trust that you won’t disapear after we adopt your program?

The Quick Answer = Daily backups.

The Hubbli team has been working together for 5 years interveiwing and surveying thousands of schools to learn what you need. We have built and tested multiple prototypes to validate our solutions and ensure we have a product that works. What this means is that our company is very healthy and thriving due to offering a great product that school after school falls in love with. The proof is in the pudding as we have a 99% renewal rate with our customers which means we are growing, not disapearing. That said, we don’t want you to just take our word for it so we offer our schools a daily backup of their entire site structure and data which is an exact carbon copy of your Hubbli site. This means that in the event that Hubbli literally just disapears, or you decide to simply cancel your service and delete your Hubbli site, you can take the back up you received that morning and host it on any server you want. Your entire school community would have no idea that there was any changes made at all.

Why are you so much cheaper than the competition?

The Quick Answer = Innovation.

While we cannot say why other companies charge the prices they do, we are able to maintain a healthy profit margin that will ensure a solid and steady growth model for our company. One of the reasons we are able to do that is becuase we are a newer, younger and dare we say fresher team that is not held back with old legacy technology that requires more expensive resources to maintain. Another reason is that we approach the problems you face in a different, and better way (,…there we go again). By flipping the traditional feature-set priority pyramid upside down, and by approaching our features with more innovative technology, we have created a much more efficient way to serve you workload-reducing solutions that are not only much easier to use but also much easier to support and service. Doesn’t innovation kick but!…

How long does it take get set up?

The Quick Answer = 1-2 days

Our setup process is completely turn-key which means all you have to do is dump all of your information on us and we’ll set it up in a matter of days. We’ll create all of your groups, users, forms, calendar events, etc… and then we’ll train you on how to use the system.

Are there any limits to usage or members?

The Quick Answer =Nope

Our pricing is based off features rather than usage, we thinks this makes sense because individual schools just don’t vary enough in size to make any functional difference in our ability to offer the services.

Can we use our Hubbli site as our main website?

The Quick Answer = You betcha!

While many of our customers only use Hubbli as an internal communication system, a large number decide to migrate all of their old website content onto their Hubbli site and use it for both.

Our full website and online marketing services include the following:
  • Migrating all of your current web content onto your Hubbli site.
  • You can have a custom website address.
  • Hubbli sites have incredibly high rankings on search engines and we can help ensure your school is found first when prospective parents go searching for a school like yours.

How secure is a Hubbli site?

The Quick Answer = Super Secure!

Hubbli sites meet the Gold Standard of website security with the following features:
  • Our entire service is built with the privacy requirements of a school in mind from day one.
  • You always have full control over who can do or see what.
  • Full site SSL encryption, meaning that every piece of data that is sent through a Hubbli site is fully encrypted (codified)
  • Hubbli sites are hosted in a dedicated cloud server environment with full SSAE-16 certification. (email us if you want to see a copy of our SSAE-16 certification)
  • You can review our privacy policy to ensure it meets your requirements. which specifies ownership and usage of site data.
  • We are also happy to create customized privacy agreements and terms of service if our current documentation is insufficient for your school, but they probably aren’t