Week of November 29th at Cumming Campus

Infants; These sweet little ones have been busy playing more and more each day. Below you see them enjoying their sense of touch and sight with these fun sensory Christmas trees Ms. Caila made for their enjoyment.                 Toddler 1: Ms. Renee and Ms. Erika made super fun turkey projects. Below […]

Word-of-mouth Enrollment Marketing

word-of-mouth enrollment marketing

The idea of word-of-mouth enrollment marketing is a bit of a misnomer because, if you think about it, word-of-mouth leads are a result of having a good school rather than a marketing strategy.  Below is a video clip of Hubbli founder Jono Landon as part of the course on private school marketing provided by the Center […]

How To Write School Newsletters Parents Actually Read

School newsletters remain the most common tool that administrators use to keep parents up to date. Below is a video from a Montessori Administrator course offered by the CGMS that features Hubbli founder Jono Landon teaching the “do’s and don’t’s” of using emails and writing killer school newsletters that parents actually read. For more content like this, […]

How To Get More Enrollment Inquiries

If you need to generate more enrollment inquiries for your private school then this clip from the Montessori Administrator Accreditation program from the Center For Guided Montessori Studies should be of much value to you. Please note that while this lecture was produced for Montessori administrators, it applies to all private school scenarios. The video above features a lecture from […]

Why Private School Retention Requires Great Customer Service

Why Private School Retention Requires Great Customer Service The video below is a clip from a Montessori Administration Accreditation program offered by the Center for Guided Montessori Studies (CGMS) wherein our founder, Jono Landon, lectures on the topic of Private School Retention.   If you prefer to read, here’s the video transcript: In this lesson, […]

Why Continuous Enrollment is Essential

Continuous Enrollment is a strategy already adopted by many schools. In the above video, Jono Landon, the founder and CEO of Hubbli, discusses what it means, why it is useful, and strategies to implement it at your school. This video on continuous enrollment is part of the Montessori Administrator Accreditation program offered by the Center […]

Why Enrollment Inquiries From Ads Are Different

enrollment inquiries from ads

After successfully launching an advertising campaign, the next challenge that faces private schools is understanding why enrollment inquiries from ads are different from the word of mouth inquiries with which they are used to dealing. Understanding the difference between enrollment inquiries from ads and those from word of mouth referrals is key to any school’s […]

How To Use Email To Increase Private School Retention

Many strategies help to increase private school retention. The technology of email is a tool that can have a substantial impact on your retention, both negative and positive. Using email correctly is essential to increase private school retention. Above, you will find a video that I produced for the CGMS Administrator Program in which I am […]

How To Improve Parent Communication

parent communication

Transcript: In this lesson, we will be talking about how to improve parent communication, but let us start by talking about why. Apathy is one of the biggest reasons why parents leave your school. Your parents need to be engaged. Parent engagement is incredibly critical for the outcomes of students, but it’s also incredibly essential […]