2 Simple Ways to Target (and Enroll) Families with Multiple Kids

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Why Private School Branding is a Waste of Time

Contrary to popular opinion among most school leaders, private school branding is a total waste of time and money. Here’s my proof. Video Transcript: Jono Landon:                00:00                Hey, folks, this is Jono Landon. I am the CEO and Founder of Hubbli. We are the world’s only completely hands-free enrollment marketing solution designed specifically for private […]

How To Improve Parent Communication

parent communication

You might not believe it, but on average, schools spend $36,000 per month, per 100 students, on managing parent communication and administrative paperwork. It’s hard to believe,  but if you add up all the hours it takes the staff to send and collect information between the school and parents, and all of the other paperwork, […]