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Ugh, who has time to hire & train office staff?

Your school needs efficient administrative processes with a personal touch. It requires an administrator’s insights to ensure you are managing records in the most effective, and the most efficient ways possible.

But you’ve been doing this long enough to understand that top-tier office staff require salaries that are outside of what a school budget can accommodate.

You don’t have the time to become an tech guru and run your school at the same time. As the Director of your school, managing technology has the lowest return-on-investment: it prevents you from investing your most valuable resources (your time and energy) in program enrichment and parent engagement.

Work less, get more done. What?

You’ll get hit and miss results when you rely on under-skilled or inexperienced office staff. You can save money by hiring less skilled staff – or even volunteers -but you’ll spend hours every week training them and cleaning up their mistakes. Or even worse, you could hire a young, tech-savvy rock-star for a year or two, then they leave, and you can’t figure out how they did anything.

Not to mention the headaches and time it takes to recruit, train and manage new staff every time someone leaves. And what about all the things in which you aren’t an expert? Running a school doesn’t leave much time to learn the most relevant marketing and technology trends.

Keeping things running shouldn’t keep you from guiding growth and greatness.

When you work with Hubbli, you don’t just invest in great operations. You also get your time back! Hubbli frees you to strengthen your school, bringing your programming to the level it deserves.

You didn’t become an educator to spend your time managing hundreds of remedial office tasks and piles of student records. It’s time you got back to focusing your invaluable time and energy on higher-value, more enjoyable work like being face-to-face with students, parents, and teachers.

How does Hubbli streamline school management?

Hubbli began with a simple mission: To help school leaders reduce their workload so they can focus more on doing what they love. Our proven school management system, streamlined processes, and expert team have you covered every step of the way. From admissions to fund-raising campaigns, student records, staff substitutions, invoice management, even field trips. All tailored to your school.

We’ve spent years refining end-to-end automated administrative systems for our customers, and now with our managed services team running everything for you, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to.

In other words: Hubbli has many of your administrative tasks covered. Day in, day out. Customized and on-demand.

Schoolflow System

Using our digital forms and automated workflows, we can streamline all of your admin processes, so you accomplish more work, in less time.

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Automate any administrative process

  • Admissions
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • School tour bookings
  • Prospective parent email campaigns
  • Immunization records with update reminders
  • Database updates
  • Teacher substitution management
  • Incident reports
  • Field trips
  • Fundraisers
    . ..the list goes on

Customized-For-You from End-To-End

We don’t just give you the software, we also design and build your workflows precisely as you want them. You hand everything to us, and we do all the work to create your customized workflows according to your preferences.

Monthly Consultations To Ensure A Perfect Fit

As we continue to build your workflows, month after month, we’ll meet with you to ensure we have made them just right, and that you understand how to use them. We’ll also help you decide what workflows to build next.

Features & Benefits

Listen to in-depth customer interviews about their experiences with our service.

Patricia Maraire

Owner/Director, Fort McMurray Montessori Schools

“I thought, isn’t this something I should know how to do myself?

I would recommend this service to anyone, especially Montessori Directors who work on the floor and who are not tech-savvy.

I was bragging to someone, I said, “Do you know that at home, even on the weekend, all I have to do is create a ticket, and someone responds to be right away, even if they say it will be two to three business days, it’s done!”

And when it’s done, they always make that follow up email to see if we are happy with the result. I find that with your team, there is an email at the end. I feel like the team personalizes the service for me.

Brian Gordon

Director, Global Montessori Academy

“I wasn’t sure if I should take this to the board and make changes to the process we had in place.

It’s that Hubbli is an all-in-one package, with easy access to all the information. From my perspective, managing the school is easier than it ever was in the past. Once you get someone in a management workflow, the system automatically reminds the parents and me of things they need to do.

That’s a huge time saver. Parent’s have already remarked to me that they were delighted that Hubbli reminded them they needed to do something.

I find the system to be pretty simple and I like how you have designed it to do just what it needs to, and nothing else.


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