How to Handle Parent Complaints

How to Handle Parent Complaints

Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love (OK, Appreciate) Parent Complaints
Q: What’s worse that hearing parent complaints? A: Not hearing them. Parent complaints aren’t a nuisance, but an opportunity for insight; especially if you have an eye to recruitment.

School Fundraiser Ideas For Anybody

school fundraiser ideas

While it’s conceivable that there are schools out there whose needs and goals never outweigh their budgeted resources, the majority rely on school fundraiser ideas to some extent to help run programs, support clubs and teams, supplement educational resources, even maintain and improve their facilities. Traditional school fundraiser ideas and activities don’t work for everybody, though, and for […]

Successful School Newsletters – 5 Essentials

successful school newsletter

School newsletters are a great communication tool—versatile, reliable, affordable and, if successful, well-received. Like all tools, they perform best when used strategically and with purpose. These are some of the essentials to improving the success of your school newsletter as a communication tool.

5 Ways School Administrators Can Relieve Stress

my top 5 Ways to Relieve Stress As a School Administrator

After 10 years of teaching and helping around the office I wanted to share what I found to be the top 5 ways school administrators can relieve stress. Everyday you are hit with a pile of work when you get to school – parents who want something, kids who want something, administrators who want something […]

Back to School

This post references a news article that discusses back to school stress and some tips on how parents can identify what their children are feeling. It also touchs upon the usefulness of social networks for staying in communication with teachers and other parents in the school community. Does your school age child have the back […]

How to stay school ready during summer holidays

How to stay school ready during summer holidays

In this blog post I address the topic of how to stay school ready during summer holidays and offer a few manageable tips parents can implement with their school age children. It’s the ongoing question – How do we let our children enjoy their summer break while remaining mentally in gear for the pending school year? […]